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The next exhibition in Lemon Hill Gallery is the work of an extended family covering 3 generations and, potentially, 26 people. None of these people currently identify as "an artist" and none would normally submit their work to a gallery nor be invited to do so. But all are enjoying the challenge - or at least finding it interesting.... to create something to go in an art gallery for a four week exhibition! And I, as curator, am enjoying the concept, and will enjoy hanging and displaying the art as creatively as I can, and will enjoy the family launch that will go with it, including a nine year old daughter in the family singing at the opening.

The exhibition following this is a display of fence strainers used by folk in this valley to rebuild their fences after the bush fires. No one is pretending this is "art". But they are totems..... symbols of resourcefulness and the human spirit that faces disaster and works through to a new place. The opening will be celebrated with a BYO beer in the big adjacent shed.

Then the exhibition following the fence strainers is by a fair-dinkum-no-holds-barred artist, whose work is much admired, has been exhibited and sold, hangs in regional galleries, and graces public places.

The question has to be asked; will all these exhibitions be enjoyed by others? Should they be? Is that what a gallery is for?

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