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A Dozen

I have now hosted twelve exhibitions in this gallery - a bit like a dozen eggs in a carton - twelve perfect little creations in a good functional container!

The exhibitions have been strong, happy, gentle, intellectual, fun, thoughtful, clever, inspired, stunning, powerful, serene, and enriching - twelve adjectives for twelve shows!

Running a gallery is also about the building, the publicity and the viewers.

Here the 'building' is a converted shipping container (which has seen the light - hallelujah!!.) The fact that it is small has proved surprisingly good for both artists and viewers.

The publicity takes time and thought. The email circulars, the press articles, the website up dates, the brochures, and the catalogues all have to be composed and, furthermore, photos transferred from one device or format to another..... not always a pushover.

. The viewing experience here is always accompanied by tea, coffee, lemon slice and conversation in the adjacent 'Shed Caffay'. Art and ritual have been associated for a very long time! Here's to ritual, and here's to the next dozen exhibitions!

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