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Over these last two days I have made this bird from a scrap of left-over pinewood.

I bought myself a $20 carving-tool set and a small vice and set myself up in the garage.

It has been an intense pleasure finding out how to carve, how to "see" something in three dimensions, how to carefully pare off wood to give me the shape I think I want and then find I need to correct it again, and again. The wings were originally tucked in against the body, streamlined, but the bird looked trammeled, as though he were in a straight-jacket...or a fish. So I added the slithers of slate to make wings - and the bird took off!

Is it Art?

Who judges that? You, me or others?

Was it creative?

Yes, intensely so. I loved doing it.

I hope that everything ever displayed in this gallery is the result of such creative pleasure.

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