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Community Art

Most of us feel uncomfortable drawing, painting, colouring (or playing music and singing) We do not see ourselves as artists and these activities are seen as the province of arty (or musical) people.

But many of us - or some of us - will join with others to "do" community art, usually in the company of a recognized artist who will either design the artwork and allot tasks, or guide individuals as they make their own art under a theme or for a specified purpose.

It may also be therapeutic and merge into the realm of "art therapy" where the main function is to improve everyone's mental and emotional well being and/or strengthen community bonds.

Whether we are recognized "artists" or not there is a life affirming pleasure in making art! The photo this week is of mosaic lemon tree made in the company of a group who are designing a mosaic panel to go on a concrete water tank in our valley. Being part of such a group I believe affirms a sense of belonging in the community..... and, as a bonus, teaches participants a new skill!

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14 de mar. de 2021

Hey Elizabeth

I love this.


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